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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 16, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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a really realistic tattoo. but now he's in trouble with the law again for turning up at a deputy's home drunk and armed with a real gun. come on, you should have learned your lesson the first time. good to see you gretchen, i am in for shepard smith. militants on the move slaughtering people as they go. now another town falls and washington makes some moves. plus, the secret black list that can keep you from opening a bank account. turns out there's a hidden list that could top banks from accepting your business ahead, what gets you on the list? and by the way, how do you get off of it? first on fox this afternoon, the vicious group that's trying to topple iraq has taken control of yet another city. that's increasing concern that
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they could go after the big prize, baghdad. that has prompted the u.s. embassy to airlift 1,000 workers out of town according to the pentagon source. and here's where things stand right now. militants have seized the city of talla far in northern iraq. a strategic location linking iraq to syria. they already control a huge swath of two countries. it's called islamic state of irrake in syria or isis. its stated goal is to set up an islamic nation under extreme islamic law. we've already seen how ruthless they are. these pictures show the mass executions of iraqi soldiers. the militants claim they have killed 1700 iraqis in the last day. but iraq's military reports have tried to fight back with air
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strikes. officials posted this video that you're seeing showing targets blowing up. but it's not clear who carried out the air strikes exactly. still, iraq's military has been unable to control the group's advances. secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. is considering helping out with those air strikes. he said the u.s. will not rule out working with iran to fight the militants. no doubt, you're hearing that reporting today but u.s. officials are stressing that does not mean coordinating military moves with iran. the pentagon has moved more warships into the region, meanwhile but the leader of isis is doubling down with a threat of his own. his message to the united states is, quote, soon we will face you, and we are waiting for this day, end quote. connor powell is live in the middle east newsroom. let's bring with jennifer at the pentagon. jennifer, how many embassy staffers are on the move right now? >> well, according to a u.s.
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senior official, harris, about 1 is,000 are slated to leave. some are going to jordan, some to consulates in erbil and northern iraq in the south. the embassy normally has 5,000 people assigned to it. and cost the u.s. $1 billion to build at the end of the war, harris. >> we've seen the warship "u.s.s. george w. bush." how effective would be the drones be now? >> in addition to the "u.s.s. george h.w. bush" it's also in the philippine sean with a navy cruiser. and the mesa verdict day a marine dockship with mv-22 ospreys on board. 122 groups have been sent to
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bolster security at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. about 50 marines. secretary of state john kerry indicated that the u.s. would consider using armed drones. >> they may well be one of the options that are important to be able to stem the tide and stop the movement of people moving around in open convoys and trucks and terrorizing people. >> but military commanders say that drones won't about a game-changer. for one, they can only be load eye were two fire missiles apiece. so in essence, you get two shots. the pentagon is considering increasing the number of unmanned flights from two to three a day i'm told, again, that does not look like a game-changer considering the games by isis in the last few days. >> team fox coverage continues with connor powell live in the newsroom in jerusalem. connor, people might be be surprised to know how much
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support this spinoff group isis is getting. what can you tell us? >> in iraq, the sunni population opens with open arms these isis fighters but it's outside of iran where isis draws its support. the 0 gulf muslim areas, sunni countries like saudi arabia, kuwait and qatar that back isis in neighboring syria. isis makes up the bulk of the fighters in next door syria. and they are backed by the sunni arab countries that are u.s. allies. but isis military are inviting the assad regime next door in syria. and they draw their support not only from the governments like saudi arabia and qatar and kuwait, but also from the general public there as well. this is very much a fight in the middle east between sunni and shia. and the american countries that are allies, american allies, they very much fall on the same side as the isis fighters. >> connor you and i have been chatting online.
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you told me earlier, buy stock in mass, the middle east is changing. what are you learning that is significantly different about this group than others? >> so isis isn't looking just to overthrow a government and re-create a new country. they're literally looking to re-create the entire middle east order. right now, if you look at syria and iraq both of those countries are divided up by thirds. each controlled a third or so by the kurds in the northern part of those countries. then in the center parts you have rebels, isis rebels controlling them. and then you have the assad regime controlling one part in syria. and next door, you have the baghdad-based shia government in iraq. but this isis group is really trying to re-create an islamic phase that is stretching from syria to iraq. they're trying to recontractor the entire middle east as we
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know which is why if you're looking at maps today, my guess the next several months it will be a very different map, landscape than we're seeing today. >> thank you very much for your perspective there as a journalist. w we appreciate it. joining me now the former am bass tour to iraq, chris hill. he's dean of the international studies at the university of denver. good to see you ambassador. if the united states does a deal with iran, what is in it for us? >> well i think we have to be careful with iran. obviously, there should be some discussions but gather those are going to be taking place this week. but i would stop well short of some kind of military coordination. after all, the iranians have really been up to no good in iraq the last ten years. a lot of the weaponry that shia and militia groups have used in
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the past used against americans has been provided by iran. so i think we need to be careful about that. at the same time i don't think we want a situation where the baghdad government is only getting help from iran. i for one think the united states needs to be active and i'd like to see it active in the form of air strikes. >> when you say you don't want to coordinate with iran military, what can we do over there? are there some diplomatic moves that we don't know about that haven't been played out? >> well, certainly, we have the members of guard, or leadership that have targeted americans in the past. to me, it's a bridge too far to talk about coordinating moves. very clear that prime minister mali maliki, really, his days are up. he's got it go. they're on the cusp of determining a new government in
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iraq. i don't think mr. maliki should be leading that government. and i think we need to have some discussions with the iranians about that. that said, however, as your set up piece, maliki is not the only problem there. it's not at all clear that isis is in any way shape or form interested in sunni outreach so the only good shia they have is a dead shia. it's a course that goes beyond maliki and iraq. this is a broader conflict in the middle east. >> lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle say what's happening should not be a surprise. if it's so obvious, what, if anything, did the obama administration do wrong? >> well i don't think it should be a strategic surprise, but in terms of, you know, what happened, in the last few days with the complete breakdown of the iraqi army. and the onslaught of this group, many times smaller than the
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army, that, i think, was a surprise to many people. but the basic problem is in syria where there's been absolutely no diplomatic effort and of course no military effort by countries, by western countries, to try to bring that conflict to an end. instead, we've had a lot of arms going in there to various nefarious types. and i think that problem has now metastasized into the region and we're seeing it big time in iraq. >> and, of course, you had our president calling for a red line in that territory in syria. and many of the isis leaders coming from there. your thoughts on that? >> well, i think clearly, they doubt that the u.s. will engage themselves. you heard bravado from them as if to say bring it on. i think the united states really does need to make a stand here. we've invested tremendously in iraq. right now, we're looking at an iraq that will be partitioned.
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so doing, that will be a major change in the map in the middle east. and for all these map enthusiasts who love to draw new lines in the map, remember, you draw a new line, you're going to get a t of dead people in the process. >> yeah. this is starting to feel, at least in the video, a lot like the beginning of 2003. what do you think? >> well, certainly, the battle lines are very drawn. we're dealing with, really, a military conflict. i'm not too troubled by the notion that isis is about to attack baghdad. i think the real threat is they have already carved off northeastern iraq. and i think it's going to be tough to get it back from them. and it's pretty clear that the sunnis in iraq didn't do any resisting of their own. and frankly, have not been very receptive to any kind of overtures on the part of the shia. so maliki has been a real problem in that he makes agreements and then doesn't follow through on them. i don't think the sunnis have exactly covered themselves with
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any kind of glory in that regard. >> you know, ambassador, as lux at that video and you see those humvees that bear our name, many of them rolling through towns, it might be easy to understand why some of those people might want to run and hide. ambassador chris hill, we appreciate your time. two weeks ago, washington graded five gitmo prisoners for the taliban hostages for bowe bergdahl. now, we're learning how the population and prisoners learned about that deal. and what life is like them there these days. they're watching fox and soccer is what we're hearing. fox is live from the military prison in cuba. stay close. i'm sorry- i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? you feel that in your muscles? yeah...i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches lets us give you great rates and service.
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the united states could not have successfully prosecuted the fight gitmo detainees that they substituted for bowe bergdahl. he said convictions would be unlikely in cases of 200 detainees including the two taliban leaders. fewer than 150 inmates remain at guantanamo bay and they apparently are very much aware of the recent prisoner swap. that is because officials say the men have uncensored access to newspapers and satellite tv. in other words, they could be watching this newscast right now. but a gitmo spokesperson the
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prisoners' favorite thing to watch right now is the world cup. kathryn harris is live at guantanamo bay. >> harris, thank you very there are in fact, 149 detainees left at the camps. about two or three miles where i'm standing right now at the high-security courthouse. what most people don't realize in camp 6 where you find most of the detainees they've got access to tvs, newspapers, magazines but they just don't have internet access. that said, they are very plugged in. >> they knew what was going on. they found out by watching fox and other broadcasts. pretty much like everybody else did, including myself. when that happened, they're informed the mood is pretty much normal. it's normal to us. >> camp 6 is where they also had the five taliban prisoners. it's called the camp for the highly compliant detainees which simply means in return for good behavior, they get several
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privileges. not only tv, newspaper access, but language courses, a course called life skills which teaches themselves among other things how to build resumes if they get out of these camps. and a soccer field. we have the five suspects back in the courthouse for pretrial military hearings at this week. what looms is this conflict. the president wants to move ahead with the transfer at the same time the military trials are going ahead. last night, the chief prosecutor explained his approach this way. >> i have two choices as a leader in this process. one is grim determination the other is tempered optimism. and i stay between nose two, in a very narrow band. >> what many people don't want to discuss publicly here is what will happen if the camps are closed. no one can say for sure whether
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the military trials will continue. and what will happen to the three detainees who have already been convicted and are being held here not as detainees but effectively as prisoners of war heroes. in southern kenya, riot as people were watching the world cup. witnesses say the extremists slaughtered people who were nut muslim or who did not speak somali. a somali terror group claims responsibility for the attacks. and attackers set fire to cars and two hotels. at least 48 people are reported dead. one witness said a group of insurgents went to her house and knocked on her door. she said they asked if the family was muslim.
12:19 pm
he said they were christians and they shot him dead. the u.s. and ally countries have upgraded the terror let warnings. chicago mayor rahm emanuel is, we'll share it to you, tweet me at harris faulkner. i want to know what you think when you see it. stay with us.
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wildfire alert. officials in central california have ordered hundreds of people to pack up and get out. these hot and dry conditions make it harder for drus battle a wildfire there. the flames broke out friday about 30 miles north of east of bakersfield. that's about 100 miles north of
12:23 pm
los angeles. it's only about the size of central park. more than 1,000 firefighters are trying to get it under control right now. helicopter crews have even dropped water overnight. they say that's rare. they say the fire has destroyed two structures so far. have you seen it? donald trump's name is in 20-foot tall letters across one of chicago's tallest skyscrapers. people are mad at him over it. even though he did help build it. there it is. had the letters put up on its trump tower downtown. the sign even lights up at night. like you couldn't see it. a spokeswoman forum emanuel says he believes it is, quote, architecturely tasteless. trump fired back saying he's surprised that the mayor doesn't like the sign. mike, it's talk via the mayor.
12:24 pm
>> right, the mayor said all of that is tasteless. you just said it. the test is, though, in 2009, city council said he could put up an even bigger sign. so all the mayor can do now is propose an ordinance that would pretty much guarantee that trump gets the last one of those. he responded this morning on "fox & friends." >> what he is doing, they just announced that they're going to pass legislation that you can't do it anymore. meaning other people can't do it. that's just fine with me. >> reporter: now, plenty of team have pointed thut the sun-times building used to stand on that spot. that sign wasn't the prettiest one. trump for one said that has improved it. it's just like the hollywood sign, harris. >> what else are critics saying about it? >> reporter: eric dorn from of the chicago tribune review said it burns that this swollen
12:25 pm
outsider has lifted his leg on the skyline in such a particular way. the man on the street says -- >> i hate it. >> it's not like an eyesore by any means. >> are you kidding me? >> i don't know. >> it's a beautiful building. did he need to put his name all over the front of it. >> he ruined it. ruined the riverfront. >> i think he has every right to brand himself. >> do you know who trump is? >> no. >> i haven't noticed it. oh, there, it's cool i like it. >> i don't like it. >> why? >> because it's too much in your face. you know, like it's just like someone who has a big ego. >> reporter: and there are plenty of brand names hanging arranged the city, the chicago tribune. the sun-times, the prudential, kemper insurance. the difference is, this is a guy and he's an out-of-towner. >> by the way, i asked people on twitter on this.
12:26 pm
and fred k. said i was in downtown chi-town yesterday and i love the way the sign looked. i want to see it at night, mike. >> reporter: so go, fred. it catches your eye. >> good to see you mike tobin, thank you. updating fox top story, the crisis in iraq has the obama administration reportedly considering talking with iran. what the white house is saying about possibly partnering with our longtime foes. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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i'm leah gabrielle with the fox report. russia has cut off natural gas to ukraine. this, after a dispute over prices and unpaid bills. analysts say that could affect pipelines that run through ukraine through the rest of europe. ukraine's president is calling for a cease-fire with pro-russian rebels. part of the peace plan.
12:29 pm
so far, no response from rebels. here in the u.s., more police officers are dying in the line of duty. that's according to the national law enforcement memorial fund. the group reports 64 officers have died this year. an increase of 40% compared to the 10 last year. one police chief says increase in violence in general to be the blame. and mt. etna is exploding over italy. it's europe's most active volcano. officials shut down the airport to keep down the ash but no danger to people nearby. more after this. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there.
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continues coverage now of the crisis in iraq. the white house is not ruling out talking with iran about how to stop sunni extremists moving violently toward baghdad. that's what secretary of state john kerry hold yahoo! use. u.s. officials said talking with iran would not mean coordinating iran's military. the u.s. and its allies have accused of iran of trying to build a nuclear weapon. but iran has, of course, denied
12:32 pm
that. one top adviser said the united states and iran are the only two countries that can bring the crisis to iraq to a peaceful end. ed henry is here. it seems like the administration is doing some backpedaling on iran's role. >> they are. this would be a curious alignment, as you're suggesting, the u.s. secretary of state calling iran the terror around the world which has been inciting terror inside iraq for years now. but when as secretary of state john kerry went on yahoo! news as you suggested, he left the door taupe some sort of a partnership, if you will, that would end the war in iraq. >> look, we're open to discussions that can be contributed if iran is prepared to do something that is going to respect the integrity and sovereignty of iraq and the
12:33 pm
ability of the government to reform. >> reporter: now republican john mccain said it was foley to suggest that the u.s. could actually work with iran. that may be why we saw very quick comments from secretary of state john kerry interview from the pentagon and the state department that while the u.s. is open to dialogue with iran. they're not going to have the two groups work together. the iranian ground force and the u.s. government making clear that's not what kerry meant. >> interesting to hear senator mccain call it foley that we could actually trust them. republicans seem to be zeroing in on, ed, how is this not only about iraq? >> that's right. you've seen this violence, these extremists who have been trained inside syria. this is clearly a regional conflict that's been spreading throughout the mideast. but also there's fears that republicans have been talking about how the real goal this al qaeda offshoot inside iraq is to
12:34 pm
build an islamic state to try and launch terrorists. listen to andy carr, the former busch chief of staff. >> what he did by drawing the red line and offering nothing when the red line was caught is another serious problem. that's how this group, isis got their if you will to create an islamic state to run from syria into baghdad. and that's what they're trying do. >> now, republicans are critical of the president spending father's day weekend in palm springs. but the white house points out that the president was getting updates from susan rice. and they also tell us as soon as the president landed here back at the white house tonight he's going to convening his national security council to get the latest development. and also to figure out the next step, whether there will be military options used by the u.s. air. >> it makes sense when you consider what we just heard that america may appear weaker because of that red line comment about syria now also dealing
12:35 pm
with the enemy. all of that playing together, i'm going to ask our next guest about it. meanwhile, ed henry, thank you very much. joining us now a former republican congressman and senator from maine. secretary cohen, thanks for being here. >> good to be here. >> i'd like to think about the american men and women who have given so much in iraq. with them in mind, sir what is the right thing to do here? >> i think the right thing to do is to send the signal to prime minister are maliki that either he has to go or there has to be political change in the leadership that brings in the sunnis and kurds into a unified time of government. after this, i do not want to see the united states become the air force for iran. and that appears to be what maliki is asking us to do. to bring in air support to prevent isis from moving into
12:36 pm
baghdad. i think we have to tell him that we're not prepared to use any military action until there's a change in the political environment. and that's going to require him and his supporters meaning iran. because apparently the iranians objected to any u.s. presence remaining in iraq two years ago. so i would take any military action, number one, until that takes place. and number two, you talk about military action, the notion that we can simply use drones or f-18s or f-16s and strike the columns of isis marching into baghdad, i think that is unrealistic and naive. i don't think this group of fighters is going to line en masse and march on baghdad they're going to continue to plate as a guerilla outfit. it's going to be difficult to carry out any military outfit with significance with accuracy without military presence. i think the military is not great and we shouldn't have any
12:37 pm
until the environment changes. >> secretary cohen, what happens if we do nothing, and just let the sunnis and shias fight it out their rack? >> well i think that's what's happening now, iraq is breaking up. it's divide thd three pad in th shias in the north and the kurd, and the shias fighting iraq for the rest of the country. i think we have to put our ring of fire around the allies in the region. that includes jordan, it includes lebanon, it includes the entire gulf region and also serves as a lesson about afghanistan that we're essentially pulling everybody out of afghanistan in two years. this is the shape to come, that you'll have taliban back in along with this group that wants to dedicate itself. i think there's a lot of lessons to be learned. this is one of them. when there's a vacuum, when we
12:38 pm
leave, nature voids that vacuum and somebody fills it. >> the head of isis that we had back in 2009 and reportedly planning this for years. al qaeda is not on the run, is it? >> al qaeda is not on the run, but ironically, the group isis, it's more extreme than al qaeda. and al qaeda has been objecting to the extreme majors taken by isis. so al qaeda is very much alive, not only in iraq. but it's spreading like a met taz sizing chancer in parts of africa and elsewhere. >> secretary william cohen joining us. thank you. israeli troops are rounding up dozens of hamas activists. and they are desperately searching for three missing teenagers. a group claims they killed the three teenagers including one who is an american.
12:39 pm
they went missing after hitchhiking. family members of the missing american say they're optimistic he'll be home soon. >> we really, really want to see him home fast. we miss him and we love him. but we know and we believe that the israeli authorities with police and army and the intelligence and everything are doing the utmost that could be done at this moment. >> and i want a correction there. kidnapped. i misspoke. kidnapped, taken. in a rare phone call, israel's president benjamin netanyahu called the palestinian president mahmoud abbas for help and in a statement abbas said they are doing police sweeps for the search. take a look at this, some big banks have reportedly denied accounts to reportedly 1 million customers because they're keeping a secret black list.
12:40 pm
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i'm leah gabrielle with the fox report. more headlines from the knox news desk. the owner of a gossip website has won its appeal against a former cincinnati bengals cheerleader. it happened after it spread that she spread sexually transmitted disease among the football club. the court reversed that ruling. the cheerleader's attorney says he may now appeal. and hundreds of police stormed the village of 5,000 in southern albania to bust a massive marijuana operation.
12:45 pm
pot production in that one village makes up an estimates 50% of albania's economy. and check this out. a man in central china said he used old car parts to build this six-ton replica of the transformer character optimus prime. he said it cost more than $16,000 to build the four-story machine. one of the nation's largest banks is trying to keep you from getting blocked that's according to new york's attorney general. critics say major banks have been denying more than 1 million customers from opening accounts all because of credit bureaus that have effectively put them on the black list. on the wall just a few of the banks that use, the credit bureau's check systems. it's very similar to credit bureaus like experian or credit facts. say you accidentally bounce a check or a victim of identity theft. your name could go into the
12:46 pm
database. and the next time want to open an account, your bank could see your name on the list and deny you. according to the reporting of "the new york times" big banks originally used such data basis to weed out serial fraugd regulators. but recently, the banks have used those lists to screen out that. adam is here how big is that problem? >> this is big when you look at the households of the united states calling it and the treasury department has something to compile this. you have the top states that have households, mississippi, kentucky, georgia, texas, and it's remarkable, miami, florida, number one on the list, 20% of the households in miami, florida, do not have a checking or savings account. potentially, they might be on this list. and one of the things that happens is, say, bounced a check
12:47 pm
while you're in college and now you're 25 years old and you're trying to open up a checking account, the bank may use that bounced check against new denying the application. >> how long does that stick on your record? >> well, it's supposed to come off your record after seven years with the fair crediting reporting act. you can dispute this. first, the bank, the ones who make the final decision on who is going to have it or not. they've been mixing the dat from from the chexsystems. you can request your report. you can dispute the material on there. the agency has to dispute and within 30 days they have to get back to you. and they have to correct or delete anything that is inaccurate. you can also go to the consumer protection bureau if they don't follow up. >> how easy is it to get
12:48 pm
chexsystems if they made a mistake? is it easy. >> no. i tried to get with them all morning. you can do this on the telephonele but there's no human being answering the phone at chexsystems. when they respond to you, their website they will return their decision with a toll-free number that will get you a customer service representative. so, you can go down that route. and if you don't like the answer they give you, then go to the cfpb, the consumer financial protection bureau. you can launch a complaint with them. >> i wish there were a door to knock on. adam shapiro, good to see you. world cup fever apparently hitting home right here in the usa. we're just a few hours away for the reason why. you're looking at a little payback time in our very first game which gets under way in a little bit. we'll go live to brazil.
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and our continuing coverage now of the crisis in iraq. and we are just learning and this is according to the associated press wires now just coming into fox news. iraqi officials are saying an army helicopter has been shot down during clashes with militant it's west of baghdad. now, remember, we told you as late as last night and as recently as just a few minutes toward baghdad. this is that group of isis. the very brutal terrorists that are moving toward baghdad. this would indicate that in fact they are just west of the city. within a few dozen miles is what we've been reporting. iraqi officials now saying an army helicopter has been shot down during clashes. we know the equipment, the military power that this rolling group of terrorists has been
12:53 pm
using, at least has been taking out people on the ground in the different towns. but this is the first time we have seen them use any sort of a ground-to-air offensive situation. we will continue to monitor the crisis in iraq right now. and bring you updates as we get them. for now, if you work with a bunch of soccer fans or people who just like to party, good luck getting anything done today. because in just a few hours, the usa is set to take on ghana. it is the very first matchup of the world cup that involves our team in just a couple hours. fittingly, the americans are playing the team that knocked them out of the last two tournaments but the usa will get plenty of support. >> usa, usa, baby. americans have bought more tickets to the world cup than any other nation besides the host brazil. brian yenis is covering the world cup for fox news and
12:54 pm brian, it's quiet. it was kind of crazy. >> reporter: it is quiet, harris. you talked what about you talked about with the tickets, in south africa, the u.s. didn't even brack the top then. le i am in natal, brazil. this city has been nothing but american soccer fans. i've seen more soccer fans from the united states than i have local. if you walked around last night especially there's a giant party at a volkswagen dealership. over 3,000 american soccer fans hanging out and cheering, getting ready for tonight's game. it has just been an an incredible amount of support. these americans are hanging out at the beach playing beach soccer with the brazilians and they're enjoying the time here. i've got to say it's going to be homefield advantage. it's not just what's happening here. if you look at the ratings back
12:55 pm
home the opening match had 50% higher ratings this year than four years ago. i think tonight is going to look incredible for the usa team. here in natal, it's really smalltown, usa. harris. >> we kind of get a bad rap, americans, because people don't think we care about soccer but look how wrong they are, as we bought up more tickets than brazil. i know you got different protests in a different city last week. how is where you are compare? >> reporter: right now, natal is in the middle of dealing with a public safety situation with the floods. so they're not dealing with protests here. in sao paulo, there were protests. the police and military are very strict about what they're doing with the protests. at that moment, we got caught up with one. and police are not dealing with protesters easily. they're going at them hard, harris. but at this point, we haven't seen the protests that we saw a
12:56 pm
year ago. right now, it's just about soccer as it should be. >> we'll be right back. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. [ bottle ] ensure®. what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... oh yeah, and frosted! what's your most favorite of all? hmm...the kind i have with you. me too.
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breaking news here on the fox news desk. and a couple of developments now. i want to revisit the situation that we learned of just moments ago and giving you an idea of what these insurgents in iraq, this isis group are capable of at this point. not just killing people on the
1:00 pm
ground which has been seen but now there's shooting up in the air. an army helicopter has shot down during clashes west of baghdad. we do know they took fallujah and have had it under control, sunni militants, since january. that is the situation there. we will stay on the story and now cavuto. it is getting worse at best. waiting for action in iraq, where the situation is unraveling by the minute. and here at home where veterans wait time for care are being clocked by the month. today, a look at whether it's time for a surge on both front. montel williams is back with us with the plan to get the scare. and the look at getting people out of baghdad even faster. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. to connor powell in jerusalem on the fast changing developments. connor? >>